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BMG sience based Company

The founders of the BMG Company started to act in the form of consultant and implementer of scientific projects in the fields of electrical, mechanical, control and IT systems since 2011. Finally, in the spring of 2018, the company was registered. Although BMG was registered in 2018, at the primitive steps, the company has owned the permission of designing and producing industrial equipment, which leads to great success in producing technology and manufacturing laboratory devices. 


Currently, based on the technical and engineering knowledge and realizing the needs of the users, operators and experts of the laboratories, this company has been able to extensively develop the technology and the trends of manufacturing in the case of laboratory and medical equipment and devices. It is worthy to note that, obtaining the full confidence of the customers and producing advanced technologies are the  main goals of this company. The Research and Development Unit (R&D) of this company has been stablished with direct supervision of Dr. Majid Siami (with expertise in mechanical engineering control and vibration) and Dr. Arman Sehatnia (with expertise in electrical control  systems).

International Entrepreneur Company

Participating a business and technology meeting in Turkey 2018 TOBB international program as an entrepreneur company.

Deputies of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey


Visitation of  

The Science and Technology Vice-President of Iran

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